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| Data controller

The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data collected during the use and / or registration on this website is MBA - Marketing e Brindes, Lda., Headquartered at Rua Vilar do Senhor 493, 4455-213 Lavra.

The privacy policy is intended to inform the collection, treatment and protection of personal data provided online.

The MBA wants to let you know how you collect, use and protect your personal information and the information that you provide us. The following statement applies solely and exclusively to MBA's websites and trademarks and regulates all information collected about its users and their contact or budget requests. The MBA reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on the website.

By browsing the website and using the features present or making budgets through it, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and consent to the use of your personal data as defined below.

You can clarify any questions or obtain additional information about this Privacy

MBA - Marketing e Brindes, Lda.
A/C Privacy Officer
Rua Vilar do Senhor 493, 4455-213 Lavra
or to the email address: [email protected]


| Information Collection

The MBA recognizes information regarding the use of our website and its functionalities, such as device information (hardware model, operating system version, among others), registration and location information (browser type, browser language, address IP, among others) and cookies.


| What is Personal Data?

Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, either through an identification number or other specific identifying element.


| Collection of Personal Data

You may browse and use this website without having to provide any personal information. However, in order to make contact requests, clarify doubts, obtain customized budgets or even save products in the list of recommended products, the user will have to provide essential information, create a private access account and, after validation, access it. In this way, personal data are only requested when the user submits a form, contacts them through the chat system, makes a request for a quote or more information (forms available on this website).

The MBA collects the following information from and on the sites / functionalities:
Registration Information the user provides the e-mail address, password and name;

› Budget Request (cart) is preceded by a process of collecting information about the user, registration information, and it is necessary to provide the email address, password, name, country, taxpayer number, address, postal code and telephone, it is optional to fill the field company, locality, mobile phone and fax;

› Request for (fast) Budget it is mandatory to provide the name, email address and tax number, address and telephone number are optional fields;

› Subscription to Electronic Marketing Communications (newsletter) it is necessary to provide the e-mail address, type of customer (company or individual), language and select the newsletter (s) you wish to subscribe as optional filling the field name and company.

The information collected about you and your purchases will be used solely and exclusively by the MBA. This ensures that this information will not be used or shared to third parties for promotional purposes via email or telephone.


| Purpose of collecting Personal Data

The data collected are essential to answer user questions and requests, suggestions or complaints, can also be used for the billing of goods or services awarded and marketing actions of the MBA and the brands that are part of the MBA.


| Responsible for the processing of personal data

MBA - Marketing e Brindes, Lda. is responsible for the processing of personal data. In the scope of its activity, the MBA uses third parties to provide the electronic communications service, which implies access by this entity to the information provided by the subscribers. The MBA guarantees that the subcontracted entity offers guarantees regarding the protection of personal data.


| Right of Access, Correction, Opposition and Elimination of Personal Data

The user may at any time, after successfully completing his registration, access information about his data, rectify it if it is not correct, or even delete it all according to the terms of article 11 of Law 67 / 98 of October 26 and / or require deletion of your data for marketing or telemarketing purposes. To do so, simply send a message to the MBA via e-mail to [email protected], indicando a acção que pretende.


| Young Users

Our products are intended for adults or with express authorization of adults (over 18 years of age).


| Payment Security

Secure payment of your orders is regulated by the Meo Wallet payment service.


| Information security

Your username and password identify your Login and give you access to your personal registration information, your Budgets History, Favorites and other MBA services.

It is advisable to choose a password that is difficult to find, preferably with an alphanumeric composition and more than 8 characters. Avoid at all disclosing your identification data from the website.

Signing out is as important as signing in. Ensure that you log off to prevent another user from consulting and purchasing products with undue identification. It is advised to avoid forgetting to leave especially when:

› Finalize a budget;

› Check your data;

› Move away from the computer, among other situations.


| Electronic Communications

The user can receive from MBA 2 types of information :

› Information and response related to requests for information or budgets in one of the MBA brands. The user can receive by email clarifications to their doubts, proposal of sale, confirmation and update of order, payment of order, order sending, thank you order and terms of payment;

› Periodic information about the website, products and / or service, news, promotions and MBA campaigns, requiring subscription by the user.


| Subscription of Electronic Communications

The MBA newsletters service is a free service available to any user on the website.

By subscribing to any of the electronic communications presented, you acknowledge and agree that the MBA will contact you via e-mail address to keep users, partners and customers informed and up-to-date about products, services, campaigns, promotions, mark (s).

You agree that you may cancel at any time and that the information provided through this website is stored and processed for the purpose of marketing communication as well as for market research purposes. Your personal data is treated confidentially in accordance with the current data protection law.

The MBA reserves the exclusive right to remove the subscription to the newsletter of any user, at any time and without prior notice, if it suspects that it is a false subscription.

The MBA requires all subscribers to confirm the subscription of the newsletter (s). Confirmation is made when the user clicks on the hyperlink sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of subscription, thus confirming the express will to subscribe to one of the MBA newsletters.

You may change and / or revoke your consent at any time, through the website or by email.


| Frequency of Electronic Communications

The MBA's electronic communications are sent periodically through the need to communicate and inform the subscribers. As a rule, the newsletters of each brand are sent weekly or fortnightly, except in cases where the MBA Marketing Director understands, in the interest of the subscribers, to change the periodicity. This will not overcome the sending of two newsletters per week, nor will it be permanent.


| Limitation of Liability for Electronic Communications

The MBA reserves the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue the sending of electronic communications, such as the exclusive right to remove the subscription to the newsletter at any time and without prior notice.


| Unsubscribe from Electronic Communications

The newsletters service is continuous, with no fixed term and can be canceled at any time by the user. In case the user has problems with the functionality to remove the subscription, you should send an email to [email protected] requesting the cancellation of the service.

| Updates to the Privacy Policy

This statement comes into effect from the beginning of the MBA activity. At any time, it reserves the right to review and update its privacy policy by means of updated communication available on the website. You can check the date at the end of this policy to check the date of your last review.


| Contact us

In case of doubts or clarifications, consult the General Conditions of Use, you can also contact us by phone +351 229 982 500 or by email [email protected].


Data last updated: This information was last updated on March 13, 2018.